VCB: Vice City Blues

Session Date
Session 1 08/20/07
Session 2 08/27/07
Session 3 09/10/07
Session 4 09/17/07
Session 5 10/01/07
Session 6 10/08/07
Session 7 10/29/07
Session 8 11/12/07
Session 9 11/26/07
Session 10 12/03/07
Session 11 01/07/08
Session 12 01/14/08
Session 13 01/28/08
Session 14 02/11/08
Session 15 02/18/08
Session 16: Epilogue 03/31/08

VCB2: Gone with the Wind and Flame

The year is 202x, and the world is not a shining beacon of high technology; people still live the same, work the same, the only difference is that the cars are smarter, the weapons are deadlier, the computers are faster, the clothes are flashier.

In the distant whispers of the world, there's stories of demons, angels, fairies and ghosts...
To the skeptics, to the ones who can't hear, it's the same as before.

But to the ones who can hear the distant murmurs, and what they're saying, know that something is coming, for the rumors are more accurate, and more plentiful. The somethings that have been out there, hidden and unknown, are losing their secrecy and rarity.

And they also know that something whispered caused Flint Rapids, Iowa, to disappear off the face of the map, and from the surface of the world.

But what kind of whisper? What caused the city to disappear? And who's curious enough, or cares enough, to try and find out what happened to a city overnight?

Session Date
Session 0: Prelude 06/04/08
Session 1 06/08/07
Session 1a: The Rooftop 06/08/07